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For Father’s Day, Dada wanted some spaghetti. I grew up just adding extra meat to the sauce so this was the first time I actually made meatballs! It was pretty easy!

2lbs ground beef

Few shakes of garlic salt

Flatten the meat out on a cutting board and sprinkle the garlic salt on top. Fold it in half and flatten it again.

Cut a grid in the meat so the meatballs will be somewhat equal in size. Roll each square into a ball and pop them into a skillet on medium high heat.

Cover the skillet until the meat was almost cooked through (gray color compared to the redish pink). Turn them over once and put the lid back on. Once they brown take the lid off and toss them around until they are thoroughly cooked in the middle.

Add them to the top of your spaghetti and enjoy!

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